Standing Committees 

Clinical and Translational Cancer Research Committee  

The Clinical and Translational Cancer Research Committee (CTCRC) identifies the most important scientific priorities, issues, and opportunities concerning clinical and translational cancer research that have the potential to enhance patient care and survival and to accelerate progress across all cancer research. The CTCRC also works to optimize the AACR’s impact on the current and future state of clinical and translational cancer research worldwide.

Raymond N. DuBois, co-Chairperson
Richard B. Gaynor, co-Chairperson

Steering Committee
Steven D. Averbuch
Andrew J. Dannenberg
Sanjiv Sam Gambhir
Todd R. Golub
Lee J. Helman
J. Jack Lee
Elaine Mardis
Monica Morrow
Yusuke Nakamura
Gloria M. Petersen
David L. Rimm
Thomas A. Sellers
Michael R. Stratton

Members at Large
Carlos L. Arteaga
René Bernards
Michael A. Caligiuri
Carolyn C. Compton
Brian J. Druker
Levi A. Garraway
Theodore S. Lawrence
Edith A. Perez
David R. Piwnica-Worms
Robert Radinsky

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Continuing Medical Education Committee 

The Continuing Medical Education (CME) Committee was established in 2009 to provide guidance on the strategic direction for the AACR Office of CME.

Nancy E. Davidson, Chairperson
Philip D. Greenberg
Fadlo R. Khuri
Eugenie S. Kleinerman
Edward A. Sausville
Donald L. Trump

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Education and Training Committee 

The AACR Education and Training Committee assists in maintaining and improving the quality of AACR programming focused on the education and training of investigators at all career levels. The committee identifies the needs of various constituents across the competitive landscapes in education and recommends focused, educational and training-based opportunities to the AACR board of directors. The committee also evaluates proposals submitted for consideration in the AACR educational workshop series, identifies appropriate cancer researchers to organize each workshop, and helps to identify potential funding sources to support AACR’s education and training programs.

Drew M. Pardoll, Chairperson
Johann de Bono
Ronald M. Evans
Andrew P. Futreal
Paul T. Spellman
Avrum Spira
David A. Tuveson
Laura J. van ‘t Veer
Victor E. Velculescu
Marian L. Waterman

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Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee, whose members are the AACR elected officers, reviews issues to be considered by the board of directors. The Executive Committee is empowered to act on behalf of the board of directors between board meetings and performs such other duties that are usually part of their respective elected positions.

José Baselga, MD, PhD (President)
Nancy E. Davidson, MD (President-Elect)
Carlos L. Arteaga, MD (Immediate Past President)
William N. Hait, MD, PhD (Treasurer)
Margaret Foti, PhD, MD (hc) (Chief Executive Officer)

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Finance and Audit Committee 

The Finance and Audit Committee assists in the financial planning of the association, and is responsible for maintaining the financial health of the AACR, prioritizing and focusing resources on activities that support the mission of the AACR, and managing resources based on strategic priorities.

David R. Parkinson, Chairperson
Thomas J. Lynch, Jr., Vice-chairperson
Edward J. Benz, Jr.
Sara A. Courtneidge
Chi Van Dang
Robert B. Diasio
Robert S. DiPaola
Jennifer Rubin Grandis
Bernard K. Levy
David B. McFadden
William H. Mears, Jr.
Edith A. Perez
David M. Reese
Victoria M. Richon
Thomas A. Sellers
Kristiina Vuori
Cheryl L. Willman
Carlos L. Arteaga, ex officio
José Baselga, ex officio
Michael A. Caligiuri, ex officio
William N. Hait, ex officio

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International Affairs Committee 

The AACR International Affairs Committee seeks to achieve the AACR’s goal of the prevention and cure of cancer by facilitating the acceleration of progress against cancer in all areas of the world.

Frank McCormick, Chairperson
Kenneth C. Anderson
Carlos L. Arteaga
José Baselga
Hans Clevers
Carlos Gil M. Ferreira
Richard B. Gaynor
William N. Hait
Waun Ki Hong
Peter A. Jones
Arnold J. Levine
Tak W. Mak
Alex Matter
Tetsuo Noda
Olufunmilayo I. Olopade
Anil K. Rustgi
Christopher Paul Wild
Paul Workman
Hong Wu

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Nominating Committee 

The Nominating Committee, whose members are elected by the AACR voting membership, selects candidates for the offices of president-elect, the board of directors, and the nominating committee.

René Bernards
Joe W. Gray
Kornelia Polyak
Charles L. Sawyers
William R. Sellers
Lillian L. Siu
Margaret R. Spitz
Inder M. Verma

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Publications Committee 

The Publications Committee was established to assist in maintaining and improving the quality of AACR journals while promoting their fiscal responsibility. The AACR Publications Committee has oversight responsibility for AACR’s journals: Cancer Discovery; Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention; Cancer Immunology Research; Cancer Prevention Research; Cancer Research; Clinical Cancer Research; Molecular Cancer Research; and Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. The Publications Committee is also responsible for oversight of any other AACR scholarly publications as they are developed.

Michael A. Caligiuri, Chairperson
Alberto Bardelli
René Bernards
Michael E. Berens
Gideon M. Bollag
Joseph F. Costello
Frederic J. de Sauvage
Keith T. Flaherty
Sanjiv Sam Gambhir
John D. Groopman
Elizabeth M. Jaffee
Roy A. Jensen
Balveen Kaur
Emma M. Lees
Jonathan D. Licht
Richard M. Marais
William G. Nelson
Helen M. Piwnica-Worms
Elizabeth A. Repasky
Victoria L. Seewaldt
David B. Solit
Victor E. Velculescu
Catherine J. Wu
William N. Hait, ex officio
David R. Parkinson, ex officio

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Science Education Committee 

The Science Education Committee focuses on cancer (science) education, outreach, and enhancement through activities directed at the undergraduate and high school levels. It is currently responsible for the AACR Science Education Awards for Undergraduate Students and the High School Program that takes place each year during the AACR Annual Meeting.

Kathleen W. Scotto, Chairperson
Katrina Armstrong
Antonio T. Baines
A. William Blackstock, Jr.
Oliver Bögler
Angelo M. DeMarzo
Joanna L. Groden
Daphne A. Haas-Kogan
Ernest T. Hawk
Tari A. King
J. Jack Lee
Ming Lei
Christopher I. Li
Beverly D. Lyn-Cook
Richard M. Marais
Kim L. O’Neill
David R. Piwnica-Worms
Anil K. Rustgi
Yu Shyr
Sanya A. Springfield
Alejandro Sweet-Cordero
Mary B. Todd
José G. Treviño, II
Matthew G. Vander Heiden
Paul M. Weinberger
Diana M. Merino, ex officio

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Special Conferences Committee 

The Special Conferences Committee is responsible for planning the AACR’s highly acclaimed special conferences series. Its members determine which topics are most timely and merit coverage in a special conference forum. It also evaluates conference proposals submitted for consideration in the series and identifies appropriate cancer researchers to organize each conference.

Ramon E. Parsons, Chairperson
Christine B. Ambrosone
Scott A. Armstrong
Suzanne J. Baker
René Bernards
Garrett M. Brodeur
Lisa A. Cannon-Albright
Lewis C. Cantley
Johann de Bono
Elisabeth de Vries
Glenn Dranoff
Stephen W. Fesik
Levi A. Garraway
Todd R. Golub
William C. Hahn
Ernest T. Hawk
Manuel Hidalgo
Rakesh K. Jain
Peter A. Jones
Thomas W. Kensler
Karen E. Knudsen
Tak W. Mak
Elaine Mardis
Benjamin G. Neel
David A. Sabatini
Frank McCormick, ex officio

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Tellers Committee 

The Tellers Committee is charged with certifying all official AACR elections.

Danny R. Welch, Chairperson
Dean E. Brenner
Charlotte Kuperwasser
Beverly A. Teicher

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