AACR Council of Scientific Advisors

The mission of the American Association for Cancer Research is to prevent and cure cancer at the earliest possible time, utilizing all mechanisms at its disposal to further progress against cancer. We are now at an important juncture in the evolution of cancer and biomedical research. Along with these remarkable advances comes a weighty responsibility. How can we take advantage of the best that cancer science has to offer? How can we exploit the wealth of genomics and other relevant data? How can we promote the translation of new scientific discoveries into real and sustained benefits for cancer patients? And how can we accelerate these advances in cancer research? 

To address these pressing questions, the leadership of the AACR felt that its mission could be effectively strengthened by the formation of the Council of Scientific Advisors (CSA). The members of the council are elected by the board of directors and report directly to the board. 

The association has an important role to fill in fostering cancer research, science policy, and scientific communication. The CSA, with its top leaders from all aspects of cancer and biomedical research, will have enormous impact in the form of expert advice and counsel on matters that affect the cancer research community. The CSA is an important AACR entity of the highest priority and its recommendations will have overarching implications, both nationally and internationally. 

Current Roster

New Appointments Pending