​​Nominees for the AACR Board of Directors

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​Edison T. Liu, MD

Goals for the AACR
“AACR is the preeminent cancer research organization in North America and the world. Through my experience in institutional scientific leadership on different continents and in advising governments of different countries, I know how important proper science management is to the health of the research enterprise. I wish to help the AACR foster a discussion of the best practices in science management to advance cancer cures, and I wish to help further expand AACR’s influence globally.”

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David A. Tuveson, MD, PhD

Goals for the AACR
“The enduring mission of AACR is a large reason why cancer research is more exciting than ever before, with new knowledge about cancer biology being translated into approaches that are yielding impactful benefits for patients and replacing nihilism with optimism throughout society. To continue this trajectory, it is imperative that we at AACR reinvest in educating aspiring clinicians and basic scientists so that they may become the next generation of cancer conquerors. The apparent challenges of research funding and employment uncertainties should not be misconstrued, as there have never been as many opportunities to make a difference as today.”

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​Morag Park, PhD, FRSC

Goals for the AACR
“As a member of the Board of Directors of AACR, I will be actively involved in promoting the AACR and its activities to the community, in particular with the next generation. We are in one of the most exciting periods of cancer research, yet funding in many countries is decreasing. We must recruit the next generation, support them, and provide an inspiring environment. I believe that the AACR will play a leadership role worldwide through the Annual Meeting as well as many smaller meetings. The advocacy and lobbying capacity of AACR will be crucial moving forward.”

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​Jedd D. Wolchok, MD, PhD

Goals for the AACR
“I look forward to AACR continuing to be a magnet for cancer researchers across the spectrum of investigation ranging from basic to translational to innovative clinical studies. The dynamic collaboration among members is inspiring, as are the unique opportunities for AACR to continue to support the most important research in our field, especially that of young investigators. I wholeheartedly support AACR’s vision for providing opportunities for research and interaction for scientists on a global scale and look forward to the chance to bring my knowledge and experience of investigation at the interface of the laboratory and the clinic to the AACR Board of Directors.” 

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​René M. Bernards, PhD

Goals for the AACR
“I hope to contribute to further strengthening the translational program of the AACR, with a specific focus on how academic research can contribute to delivering effective drugs to patients at sustainable prices.”

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Carl H. June, MD

Goals for the AACR
“It is a great honor and a source of pride for me run for election to the Board of Directors of the AACR. I have been an organizer of several AACR meetings, and was honored to receive the AACR-CRI Lloyd J. Old Award in Cancer Immunology in 2015 and to be elected as Fellow of the AACR Academy in 2017. My goal as a member of the Board of the AACR would be to serve as a proponent for integrating adoptive T cell therapies into the practice of oncology. In addition, I will encourage and engage the strong lobbying efforts of AACR to persuade the Congress, the funding agencies, and industry that basic cancer research will result in more breakthroughs for patients with cancer.”

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​Adriana Albini, PhD

Goals for the AACR
“My goal is to serve cancer research with passion and the experience of a long-standing dedication to basic and translational work. I have believed in the mission of the AACR since I was a post-doc and have followed the AACR through the years, serving on numerous committees and attending the meetings. I hope in this opportunity to enhance activities in multifaceted ways to combat cancer. I would like to help AACR achieve its goals through knowledge, communication, education, and international collaboration. My own field, the tumor microenvironment (TME), has been growing exponentially, and past investigations have brought new therapies. One of my recent goals is in helping the promotion of cancer prevention and interception, a field very relevant to research and public health. I offer my expertise as a scientist, as an administrator of research institutions and structures, as a past board member of EACR (European Association for Cancer Research), as a past president of scientific associations [Metastasis Research Society (MRS) and Italian Society for Cancer Research (SIC)], and as an active member of the Women in Cancer Research (WICR) and TME working group at AACR to interact with clinicians, basic researchers, health advocates, and the media. I wish to contribute to the enthusiasm for the enormous advancements made and to make even more progress to conquer cancer.”

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​Myles A. Brown, MD

Goals for the AACR
“As the preeminent professional organization for cancer researchers, the AACR plays a critical role in fostering progress in preventing and curing cancer. The growth of the membership and impact of the AACR over the past 25 years have been staggering and mirror the progress that has been made in the scientific understanding of cancer. To fully realize the fruits of this progress and to continue to make inroads in new areas of cancer biology, it is essential that the AACR helps to educate the next generation of cancer researchers, facilitates collaboration among cancer researchers to speed progress, and communicates the importance of cancer research to the public in order to garner support for government funding for cancer research.”

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