Richard M. Marais, PhD

Richard M. Marais, PhD
​Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute
Manchester, England

​Dr. Marais is the director of the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute at the University of Manchester and a professor of Molecular Biology.  He has pioneered translational research in melanoma and has advanced our understanding of the role of BRAF in cancer. In 2004 he validated mutant BRAF as a therapeutic target in melanoma, studying basic biology to understand the mechanisms of resistance to targeted therapies. He was a member of the team that won the 2012 AACR Team Science Award for its cancer drug discovery program and more recently has developed anticancer drugs that target RAF kinases. His research has also contributed to public health information regarding the use of sunscreen and the need to combine this with other sun avoidance strategies to reduce the risk of developing melanoma. Dr. Marais continues to focus on understanding the pathological basis of melanoma to deliver benefit to patients.