​​Nominees for the AACR Nominating Committee

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Suzanne Cory, PhD, FRS

Suzanne CoryResearch Interests
Molecular genetics of cancer; role of oncogenic mutations in the development of leukemia and lymphoma and responses to chemotherapy; apoptosis; Myc; Bcl-2 family of proteins and increasing understanding of how Bcl-2 and its relatives regulate cell death and exploiting this knowledge to improve cancer therapy.

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​Judy E. Garber, MD, MPH

Judy GarberResearch Interests
Clinical translational research; cancer genetics; breast cancer risk assessment and risk reduction; chemoprevention studies; pharmacogenetics; breast and ovarian cancers.

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​Carlos L. Arteaga, MD

Research Interests
Oncogene signaling and molecular therapeutics in breast cancer with emphasis on targeted therapies, mechanisms of drug resistance, and translational research; signaling by receptors of the EGF (erbB) family and the TGF-β receptor serine threonine kinases in the phenotype of breast tumor cells; role of p27 haploinsufficiency in breast cancer progression; role of PI3K signaling on resistance to antiestrogens in breast cancer.

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​Riccardo Dalla-Favera, MD

Research Interests
Molecular genetics of human cancer; molecular pathogenesis of B cell non-Hodgkin lymphomas; mechanism of activation and function of the c-myc and Bcl-6 oncogenes in human lymphoid malignancies; chromosomal translocations; identification of novel oncogenes and tumor suppressors involved in the pathogenesis of lymphoma; development of assays for diagnostics and prognostic biomarkers.

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​Tak W. Mak, PhD

Research Interests
Recognition and regulation in the immune system as well as cell survival and cell death in normal and malignant cells; genes of the human T cell antigen receptor and the function of the first immune checkpoint regulator, CTLA-4; signaling pathways that enhance immunotherapy directed against tumors that do not respond to existing immunotherapy therapies as well as pathways that sustain the cancer cell phenotype, focusing on genes involved in cancer cell metabolic adaptation and the maintenance of aneuploidy.

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Powel H. Brown, MD, PhD

Research Interests
To develop more effective ways to treat and prevent breast cancer; “triple-negative” breast cancers, cancers that lack estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor, and the HER2 protein; RXR-selective retinoids (or “rexinoids”); pre-clinical studies testing vaccines, novel drugs, and other strategies to prevent breast, pancreas, and colon cancer; early phase clinical trials to test novel drugs, natural products, and vaccines for cancer prevention.

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​Keith T. Flaherty, MD

Research Interests
The treatment of melanoma, employing BRAF, MEK and combined BRAF/MEK inhibition in patients with metastatic melanoma; assessing and identifying mechanisms of de novo and acquired resistance to BRAF inhibitor therapy; clinically evaluating next generation inhibitors, which has implications for resistance to targeted therapy regimens used to treat other malignant diseases.

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​Nina Bhardwaj, MD, PhD

Research Interests
Human dendritic cell (DC) subsets, specifically with respect to their isolation, biology, function and use as vaccine adjuvants in humans; design and implementation of clinical trials studying novel experimental immunotherapies, including neoantigen vaccines, for melanoma and other cancers using TLR agonists, including poly IC:LC or dendritic cells as adjuvants; DC biology in the tumor micro-environment as it relates to anti-cancer immunity.

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