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President-Elect Candidate: Guillermina Lozano, PhD

Vision Statement: I joined as a member of the AACR in 1996 because it seemed the right thing to do. Through the efforts of its membership and strong leadership, the AACR has become the largest professional society (40,000 members strong in 120 countries and territories around the world) that supports cancer research through its meetings, publications, and policy efforts in Washington, DC. On a global scale, the AACR has satellite offices in Toronto, Canada, and Shanghai, China, and is working to establish ties with other cancer associations worldwide. Now more than ever, the AACR is poised to make a difference in funding for basic research, sharing of resources (Project GENIE), and dissemination of new knowledge.

But there is much work to be done. Funding for basic science remains an issue despite the large role that AACR had in increasing last year’s NCI budget. Funding, in particular, for early career scientists needs to be strengthened so that a new generation of creative thinkers can further our understanding of the basic mechanisms that go awry in transformed cells, propose new therapies, and cure cancer. The AACR must disseminate its research findings not only to other scientists, but also to the public in general. It must communicate with and educate patients, families, and decision makers such as Congress, especially now when the public’s faith in research has eroded. In all its endeavors, the AACR must be inclusive of women and minorities. Together, as a team, we will make those discoveries, and we will make a difference in the lives of patients throughout the world.