Mentoring Opportunities for AACR Members

Do you remember the mentors who made a difference in your early training? Are you interested in sharing your expertise with bright high school, undergraduate, or post baccalaureate students? 

All AACR members are invited to volunteer as mentors, whether during AACR annual meetings and special conferences, in their regional or local areas, or via e-mentoring. 

By strengthening interactions between cancer scientists and promising students, we hope to facilitate the contributions of these students to scientific research and the conquest of cancer. 

Join us on this journey by completing our Mentor Registration.

Volunteer as a Mentor

Special Program for High School Students
AACR Annual Meeting 2018
Chicago, Illinois
Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Mentors are needed to show students the Poster and Exhibit Hall, spend time with students and their teachers at the networking lunch and answer questions about your career path, research work, and research opportunities available for students.

Volunteer as a Judge

Undergraduate Student Caucus and Poster Competition
AACR Annual Meeting 2018
Chicago, Illinois
Saturday, April 14, 2018 (plus prior commitment to review and rate abstracts)

Judges are needed to evaluate undergraduate students' research abstracts, posters, and presentations. Read all student abstracts in advance, then visit a selection of student posters at the competition to help decide the winners of the AACR-Gary J. Miller Undergraduate Prizes.

In Memoriam: AACR Recognizes Donald S. Coffey, PhD, for Outstanding Mentorship

During his 41 year tenure as an AACR member, Dr. Donald S. Coffey provided outstanding mentorship to students and investigators-in-training. A past AACR president and a passionate mentor, Dr. Coffey served as the lead speaker in undergraduate and high school programs at Annual Meetings for 21 years. Dr. Coffey was presented with a plaque during the AACR-Thomas J. Bardos Science Education Awards for Undergraduate Students 20th Anniversary Celebration which took place Saturday, April 1, 2017, as part of the AACR Annual Meeting 2017 in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Coffey was the professor of urology, oncology, pathology and pharmacology, and molecular sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine where he was also director of the Research Laboratories in the Department of Urology. A prominent urological scientist, Dr. Coffey was appointed as The Catherine Iola and J. Smith Michael distinguished professor of urology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Coffey was also a member of the principal professional staff at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Dr. Coffey received his PhD in biochemistry from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1964. He was past-president of the American Association for Cancer Research and also The Society for Basic Urologic Research. For 19 years Dr. Coffey served as a member of the National Prostatic Cancer Program of the National Cancer Institute and served as National chairperson from 1984-1988. He received the Robert Edwards Award from The Tenovus Institute, both the Fuller Award and Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Urological Association, the Society of International Urology-Yamanouchi Research Award, and a 2001 American Cancer Society Distinguished Service Award. He is an honorary member of the AOA.  Dr. Coffey is also the recipient of two Merit Awards from the National Institutes of Health. He published more than 250 research publications.

We honor Dr. Coffey's memory and his commitment to mentorship and the invaluable guidance he gave to students over the years.

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