Junior Faculty Grant Recipients

AACR-Aflac Incorporated Career Development Award for Pediatric Cancer Research

  • Amit J. Sabnis, MD (2017)
  • Birgit Knoechel, MD, PhD (2016)
  • Branden S. Moriarity, PhD (2015)

AACR-Genentech BioOncology Career Development Award for Cancer Research on the HER Family Pathway

  • Christine M. Lovly, MD, PhD (2015)

AACR Gertrude B. Elion Cancer Research Award

  • Dong-Joo (Ellen) Cheon, PhD (2017)

AACR-Incyte Corporation Career Development Awards

  • Bethany Mundy-Bosse, PhD (2017)
  • Laura DeLong Wood, MD, PhD (2016)

AACR Judah Folkman Career Development Award for Angiogenesis Research

  • Yi Fan, MD, PhD (2016)

AACR-TESARO Career Development Award for Immuno-oncology Research

  • Michael Birnbaum, PhD (2017)

AACR-Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation-Carol's Crusade for a Cure Foundation Career Development Award for Metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer Research

  • Christina Curtis, PhD, MSc (2016)

AACR-Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation Career Development Award for Clinical/Translational Research

  • Eddy S. Yang, MD, PhD (2015)

Breast Cancer Research Foundation-AACR Career Development Award for Translational Breast Cancer Research

  • Bryan R. Smith, PhD (2017)
  • Tal Danino, PhD (2017)
  • Brooke M. Emerling, PhD (2016)
  • Wenqi Wang, PhD (2016)
  • Fengtian Xue, PhD (2015)
  • Sasha Elizabeth Stanton, MD, PhD (2015)

Debbie's Dream Foundation-AACR Career Development Award for Gastric Cancer Research

  • Eunyoung Choi, PhD (2017)
  • Elise S. Demitrack, PhD (2016)

Landon Foundation-AACR INNOVATOR Award for Research in Tumor Microenvironment

  • Ken S. Lau, PhD (2015)

Landon Foundation–AACR INNOVATOR Award for Cancer Prevention Research

  • Rong Xu, PhD (2015)
  • Tamas Gonda, MD (2014)

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network-AACR Career Development Awards

  • Jason Doles, PhD (2017)
  • Haoqiang Ying, MD, PhD (2017)
  • Ingunn M. Stromnes, PhD (2017)
  • Amber Simpson, PhD (2016)
  • Shuibing Chen, PhD (2016)
  • Rushika M. Perera, PhD (2016)
  • Kian-Huat Lim, MD, PhD (2016)
  • Christopher Vakoc, MD, PhD (2016)
  • Cosimo Commisso, PhD (2015)
  • Nada Y. Kalaany, PhD (2015)
  • Gregory L. Beatty, MD, PhD (2015)
  • Eugene J. Koay, MD, PhD (2014)

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