2014 AACR-Thomas J. Bardos Science Education Award for Undergraduate Students

2013-2014 Bardos Awards:

Sepideh Ashrafzadeh 

Sepideh Ashrafzadeh, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

“I plan to earn an M.D./Ph.D. so that I can research in the lab and then translate my findings to clinical practice by making better-informed diagnoses and novel cancer therapies. My ultimate goal is to establish a research lab in a university setting.”

 Joyce Ohiri

Joyce C. Ohiri, Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore Country, Baltimore, MD

“In order to tackle challenging issues in this field, I believe I need to have the clinical and research training of an M.D./Ph.D. to strengthen my understanding of the human anatomy and comprehensive mechanisms governing cancer and infertility.”

2014-2015 Bardos Awards:

 Divyansh Agarwal

Divyansh Agarwal, Yale Univ., New Haven, CT

“I want to pursue an M.D./Ph.D. degree and practice in the field of medical oncology. As a physician-scientist, I wish to start my own lab at a university with the goal of enhancing our understanding of cancer, and improving patient care and treatment.”

 Elliot Akama-Garren

Elliot H. Akama-Garren, Massachusetts Inst. of Technology, Cambridge, MA

“Scientific research provides a vital reminder that what we learn in school has essential practical applications that often lead to the betterment of mankind. For this reason, I hope to continue conducting scientific research with a focus on medical applications, by obtaining an M.D./Ph.D. in pursuit of a career as a physician-scientist.”

 Briana Berg

Brianna S. Berg, Washington State Univ., Pullman, WA

“My plan is to earn my M.D. degree, pursue research with emphasis in cancer biology and therapeutics, and become a practicing physician scientist using the AACR meetings as a means to broaden my knowledge in the field and inspire new projects.”

Abstract 3238: The transmembrane domain of prostate-specific membrane antigen: Its role in oligomerization and activation in prostate cancer and nonprostatic neovasculature
Poster Session: Structural and Biophysical Approaches to Understanding Complex Biological Pathways

 Yismeilin Feliz-Mosquea

Yismeilin R. Feliz-Mosquea, Interamerican Univ. of Puerto Rico, Bayamon, PR

“My career goals are to complete my B.S. and to continue graduate studies in medicine and biomedical sciences. I want to prepare myself to become a health care professional and an outstanding researcher in the breast cancer field.”

Abstract 3219: Synergistic effect between Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) and lapatinib in HER2+ inflammatory breast cancer cells
Poster Session: Natural Products

 Katia Fernandez Soto

Katia P. Fernandez Soto, Indiana Univ. School of Medicine/Univ. of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN

"After my undergraduate studies, I plan to pursue an M.D./Ph.D. degree with a focus on cancer biology. I plan on putting all my efforts towards translational research while helping patients on their battles against cancer as an oncologist."

Abstract 1986: The role of APC in chemotherapeutic responsiveness of breast cancer
Poster Session: Impact of Tissue Context on Tumor Progression and Treatment

 Benjamin Gibbs

Benjamin K. Gibbs, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, Madison, WI

"I intend to pursue a career as a physician-scientist to improve the quality of life for those with cancer and their loved ones by applying my education in chemistry to discovering novel treatments.”

Abstract 4816: Development of an integrated analysis platform of circulating melanoma cells for PD-L1 expression as a predictive biomarker
Poster Session: Circulating and Disseminated Tumor Cells as Predictors of Tumor Metastasis

 Ghiara Lugo

Ghiara A. Lugo, Univ. of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus, Mayagüez, PR

“In the forthcoming stages of my career, I intend on completing a medical scientist degree in the area of cancer biology. This will allow me to combine knowledge with a multidisciplinary team with aims of obtaining meaningful translational outcomes.”

Abstract 3506: Heregulin induces transformation of mammary epithelial cells via HER3 activation
Poster Session: Nuclear Oncoproteins, Tumor Suppressors, and Other Topics

 Darius Teo

Ruijie Darius Teo, California Inst. of Technology, Pasadena, CA

“I intend to pursue a Ph.D. in bioorganic and bioinorganic chemistry, with a focus on creating small molecules as biological probes and new anticancer drugs. Eventually, I hope to be a professor and devote my efforts into discovering new signaling pathways and cancer drugs.”

 Carrie Yang

Carrie S. Yang, Hendrix College, Conway, AR

"I plan to pursue an M.D./Ph.D. in hematology-oncology. I will strive to be the bridge between the research team and patients in the clinic, utilizing a holistic vision of research and health."

Abstract 2557: Immune modulating agent ibrutinib blocks T-helper 17 activation and release of IL-17A while preserving T-regulatory cell function
Poster Session: Assessing Immune Responses to Interventional Therapies

 Huwate Yeerna

Huwate Yeerna, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA

"I want to become an oncologist/medical scientist, and improve the pediatric-cancer treatments. My immediate goal is to obtain M.D./Ph.D. by expanding my bioinformatics research on cancer. I am burning with a desire to improve pediatric-cancer treatment and beyond."