​Fellows of the AACR Academy  

AACR Academy Mission Statement

The AACR Academy serves to recognize and honor distinguished scientists whose major contributions have propelled significant innovation and progress against cancer. These fellows have been selected through a rigorous peer review process that evaluates individuals on the basis of their stellar scientific achievements in cancer research or cancer-related biomedical science.

See the current list of AACR Fellows.

AACR Mourns the Loss of Lee W. Wattenberg, MD, FAACR (1921-2014)

141258_Wattenberg_250x250_1.jpgA past president, former member of the board of directors, and Fellow of the AACR Academy, Dr. Wattenberg was known as the "Father of Chemoprevention." Read more.


AACR Mourns the Loss of Donald Metcalf, MD, FAACR (1929-2014)Donald Metcalf, MD

An honorary member of the AACR since 1958, Metcalf was elected to the AACR Academy’s inaugural class in 2013. His work revolutionized the understanding of many blood cell diseases and their treatment. Read more.


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