AACR Annual Meeting 2017

​Spotlight on Clinical Trials 

Clinical Trials Abstract Submission Deadline: Thursday, January 12, 2017

The online abstract submitter is now closed.

  • Final data for placeholder (PL) abstracts are due by Friday, February 10, 2017.

Why Submit?

  • Numerous and unique oral presentation opportunities.
    • Four Clinical Trials Plenary Sessions offering companion presentations explaining the science behind the presented trials.
    • Three Clinical Trials Minisymposia.
  • Poster presentations.
  • Potential national media coverage through the extensive AACR press program.
  • Opportunities to simultaneously present your work and publish a manuscript in a high-impact AACR journal. (View list of eligible journals.)
    • If you will have a complete manuscript ready to submit by January 19, 2017, select the appropriate options during the abstract submission process.
    • If accepted, your abstract and manuscript may be presented and published simultaneously, in addition to being included in the press program.
    • Contact with any questions or to indicate your interest in submitting a manuscript.
  • No restrictions on presenters as long as the presentation is CME-compliant.

What to Submit

  • Any phase (I, II, III, or any combination) abstract from national or international clinical trials. (Note: Late-breaking clinical research abstracts, including abstracts dealing with biomarker analysis based on trial data or samples, should be submitted to one of the Clinical Research (CL) categories by the January 12, 2017 late-breaking abstract submission deadline.) 
  • Placeholder abstracts may be submitted if final results are not available for the January 12, 2017 submission deadline.  Placeholders should include the objectives of the study, methodology, and preliminary data or an indication of the type of results anticipated.  The full abstract, including final results and conclusions, must be submitted by February 10, 2017.
  • Promising ongoing trials or unique trial designs that have not yet yielded results to the Clinical Trials in Progress category (CT07).
  • Encore presentations.

View clinical trials (CT) and placeholder (PL) abstract submission categories.

Trials in Progress Abstract Submission Guidelines 
The Trials in Progress category provides a unique opportunity for members of the research community to present ongoing trials and discuss correlatives and novel trial designs with colleagues.

Any phase (I, II, or III) trial that is ongoing and has not yet reached prespecified endpoints for analysis may be considered for inclusion in the Trials in Progress submission category. As such, inclusion of results would be improper and is strictly forbidden.

All submissions will be reviewed for appropriateness by the AACR Annual Meeting Clinical Trials Committee. Accepted submissions will be presented in the Trials in Progress Poster Session.

Abstracts should include Background and Methods only:


  • Scientific background/rationale for the trial
  • Correlative studies of particular interest


  • Trial design and statistical methods, highlighting any novel aspects of the design
  • Treatment or intervention planned
  • Major eligibility criteria, highlighting unusual aspects
  • Clinical trial registry number (required)
  • Trial should be open as of January 12, 2017; however, it is not required that the trial be recruiting (current status of “Open but Not Yet Recruiting” is acceptable)
  • Current enrollment without providing results or endpoints; for example:
    • Enrollment of next cohort began in January 2017; no DLT were observed in either prior cohort.
    • 10% of planned patients have been enrolled as of January 2017 or initial accrual goal was met; second stage accrual began in January 2017.
    • The trial is continuing as planned; the next data analysis will occur on XX date.

What is not acceptable in a Trials in Progress abstract?

  • It is improper and forbidden to include results or preliminary data; any abstracts that include such information will be rejected.
  • Proprietary drug names.

Encore Abstract Submission Guidelines 
The AACR Annual Meeting 2017 will be accepting encore clinical trials presentations, including trials in progress (TiP). Authors must supply information regarding the original presentation, indicating the name of the meeting and publication number at the time of submission. The first author will be responsible for obtaining, and, upon request, showing proof that written permission has been obtained from the copyright holder of the original abstract publication(s). Encore TiP abstract submissions will be accepted for poster presentation only.

Encore submissions must:

  • Have been presented solely in abstract form, including publication in conference proceedings.
  • Include significant additional data from the previous presentation (as determined by the review committee).
  • For TiP, continue to meet the necessary criteria.

Clinical Trials (Including Combination Trials) Abstract Categories 

  • CT01 Phase I Adult Clinical Trials
    • See also ET05: Pharmacology, Pharmacogenetics, and Pharmacogenomics)
  • CT02 Phase II Adult Clinical Trials
  • CT03 Phase III Adult Clinical Trials
  • CT04 Phase I, II, or III Clinical Trials in Pediatric Cancer
  • CT05 Phase I, II, or III Clinical Trials in the Elderly
  • CT06 Phase I, II, or III Clinical Trials in Minorities and Medically Underserved Populations
  • CT07 Clinical Trials in Progress
    • Phase I Clinical Trials
    • Phase II Clinical Trials
    • Phase III Clinical Trials

Placeholder Abstract Categories

  • PL01 Phase I Adult Clinical Trials
  • PL02 Phase II Adult Clinical Trials
  • PL03 Phase III Adult Clinical Trials
  • PL04 Phase I, II, or III Clinical Trials in Pediatric Cancer
  • PL05 Phase I, II, or III Clinical Trials in the Elderly
  • PL06 Phase I, II, or III Clinical Trials in Minorities and Medically Underserved Populations

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