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Social Media Guidelines for AACR Conferences

While we encourage your use of social media in and around AACR conferences, we remind you to adhere to the AACR's social media guidelines and accepted social media etiquette. Please be aware of the following guidelines:

  • Follow us on Twitter @AACR and use the conference's official hashtag.
  • Follow us on Facebook at
  • Blog about the conference and what you are hearing and seeing (but without     sharing details of any data presented; follow journal rules about data sharing).
  • Converse with other attendees.
  • Provide feedback to AACR staff and the program committee—discuss topics of interest and/or speakers for future conferences.
  • Communicate with respect, being mindful of diversity and tolerant of differences you may encounter. Keep criticism constructive, and listen carefully to others to understand their perspectives.

  • Use photographic or other recording devices—this is strictly prohibited in all plenary and poster sessions.
  • Capture, transmit, or redistribute data presented at the conference—this may preclude subsequent publication of the data in a scholarly journal. Please do not jeopardize your colleagues' work!
  • Engage in rudeness or personal attacks.