AACR Margaret Foti Award for Leadership and Extraordinary Achievements in Cancer Research Recipients

This award recognizes an individual whose leadership and extraordinary achievements have made a major impact in cancer research.

11th Annual Award Recipient
Carlo M. Croce, MD
Director, Human Cancer Genetics
Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center
                           Columbus, OH

Dr. Croce will receive his award during the Opening Ceremony of the AACR Annual Meeting 2017 which will be held Sunday, April 2, 2017, at the Washington Convention Center.

The American Association for Cancer Research established this award in 2007 in honor of Margaret Foti, PhD, MD (hc) for her exemplary leadership of the AACR as its chief executive officer; for her sustained, outstanding work in fostering research, scholarly communications, education and training, science policy, and public education; and for her extraordinary dedication and contributions to the conquest of cancer.

The award recognizes a true champion of cancer research, an individual who embodies the sustained commitment of Margaret Foti to the prevention and cure of cancer. The award is given to an individual whose leadership and extraordinary achievements in cancer research or in support of cancer research have made a major impact on the field. Such achievements may include scientific contributions to the acceleration of progress against cancer, significant accomplishments in the national or international awareness of the importance of cancer research, or other ways demonstrating a sustained extraordinary commitment to cancer research.

Award Recipients

  • 2017: Carlo M. Croce
  • 2016: Waun Ki Hong
  • 2015: Donald S. Coffey
  • 2014: Webster K. Cavenee
  • 2013: Robert C. Young
  • 2012: John Mendelsohn
  • 2011: Arthur D. Levinson
  • 2010: Phillip A. Sharp
  • 2009: Anna D. Barker
  • 2008: Ellen V. Sigal
  • 2007: Margaret Foti