American Association for Cancer Research

Annual Meeting Committees

Program Committee

The Program Committee consists of a chairperson, co-chairpersons, Scientific Review Committee and numerous subcommittees. The chairperson, co-chairpersons, and Scientific Review Committee plan and schedule the invited sessions for the Annual Meeting. The subcommittees, along with the chairperson, co-chairpersons, and Scientific Review Committee, review and schedule all proffered abstracts submitted for presentation at the Annual Meeting.

Clinical Trials Committee

The Clinical Trials Committee serves to identify and recruit clinical trials for presentation during the AACR Annual Meeting.

Education Committee

The Education Committee plans and organizes the comprehensive educational program that takes place at the Annual Meeting. The chairperson of the Education Committee is typically a co-chairperson on the Program Committee.

Exhibits Committee

The Exhibits Committee works in an advisory capacity to review and approve new exhibitors and comment on the quality of the exhibits accepted at the Annual Meeting.