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WICR Leadership

Council Term: 2013-2016  

Council Officers / Council Members

WICR Council members are invited to serve on the council for a three-year term. A chairperson-elect and three new council members are elected annually. Council members are needed who will actively participate in and contribute to WICR activities. It is essential for members to have staggered terms in order to allow participation from the WICR membership-at-large while preserving some continuity within the WICR leadership body. The terms for current council members are listed below.

WICR Council Officers 2013-2014

Wen-Jen Hwu


  Wen-Jen Hwu, M.D., Ph.D. (Bio)
  Department of Melanoma Medical Oncology
  UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
  Houston, TX

Worta McCaskill-Stevens

  Past Chairperson

  Worta McCaskill-Stevens, M.D. (Bio)
  Program Director, Community Oncology and Prevention Trial's Research Group
  Bethesda, MD

Jessie M. English, Ph.D.

   Jessie M. English, Ph.D. (Bio)
  Head of Research, The Belfur Institute
  Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  Boston, MA
Margaret Foti, Ph.D., M.D. (h.c.)   Margaret Foti, Ph.D., M.D. (h.c.)
  Chief Executive Officer
  American Association for Cancer Research
  Philadelphia, PA

 WICR Council Members

 Leslie Bernstein, Ph.D.   Leslie Bernstein, Ph.D. (Bio)
  Director & Professor, Department of Cancer Etiology
  City of Hope
  Duarte, CA
  Council Term: 2011-2014 
 Janet E. Dancey, M.D.   Janet E. Dancey, M.D. (Bio)
  Program Leader, High Impact Clinical Trials
  Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
  Toronto, ON Canada
  Council Term: 2012-2015 
Mary Hendrix

  Mary J.C. Hendrix, Ph.D.  (Bio)
  President & Scientific Director
  Lurie Children's Research Center
  Chicago, IL

  Council Term: 2013-2016  

 Pearl Huang

  Pearl S. Huang, Ph.D.  (Bio)
  VP, Global Head DPAc, Alternative Discovery and Development
  King of Prussia, PA

  Council Term: 2013-2016

Nancy E. Hynes, Ph.D.   Nancy E. Hynes, Ph.D. (Bio)
  Friedrich Miescher Institute
  Basel, Switzerland
  Council Term: 2012-2015 
Patricia M. LoRusso, D.O.   Patricia M. LoRusso, D.O. (Bio)
  Director, Center for Experimental Therapeutics
  Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute
  Detroit, MI
  Council Term: 2012-2015 
 Victoria M. Richon, Ph.D.   Victoria M. Richon, Ph.D. (Bio)
  Cambridge, MA
  Council Term: 2012-2015 
 Thea Tlsty

  Thea D. Tlsty, Ph.D.  
  Professor, Department of Pathology
  UCSF School of Medicine
  San Francisco, CA

  Council Term: 2013-2016

 Lillian Siu

  Lillian L. Siu, M.D.  (Bio)
  Professor University of Toronto Cancer Care
  Ontario Research Chair, Experimental Therapeutics Medical Oncologist, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Drug Development Program
  Toronto, ON Canada

  Council Term: 2013-2016