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Press Releases: 2006


August 29, 2006

Field(s) of Research: Carcinogenesis, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Clinical Research, Experimental and Molecular Therapeutics, Prevention Research, Tumor Biology

The American Association for Cancer Research to Host First-Ever Meeting on Potential Breakthroughs in Personalized Medicine

The future of cancer treatment relies heavily on:

  • enhanced detection and classification of tumors;
  • accuracy to establish target validation and proof of concept;
  • improved patient selection to test therapeutic hypotheses most efficiently;
  • accuracy in dose and schedule determination; and
  • elucidation of mechanism of drug resistance developing
  • molecular risk models to identify high-risk cohorts.

This multidisciplinary conference will become the most important conference devoted to the latest developments in the integration of molecular diagnostics with cancer drug development. This meeting will offer unprecedented opportunities for the translation of basic science into new individualized therapeutic strategies.

This marks the first time that experts, including basic scientists, translational researchers, physician-scientists, clinical oncologists, cancer survivors, and behavioral researchers from academia, government, industry, and advocacy organizations will all come together to discuss the latest developments in molecular diagnostics.

Highlights include:

  • protocol for early detection of lung cancer in smokers and nonsmokers
  • serum marker for early detection and staging of prostate cancer
  • a novel biomarker for prediction of survival for colorectal carcinoma
  • molecular prediction of tumor to metastasis for ocular melanoma from needle aspiration
  • individualized therapy based on cancer cells and tumor grafts
  • oncogene detection in human cancers
  • p53 as a molecular marker for treatment efficacy in head and neck cancers
  • biomarkers of response to VEGF pathway-targeted therapy for renal cell carcinoma
  • correlation of mutation with imatinib resistance of GIST


September 12-15, 2006

Hyatt Regency Chicago Hotel
Chicago, Ill.

Contact/Press Registration:
Yarissa Ortiz