American Association for Cancer Research

Media Contacts

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The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Communications and Public Relations Department newsroom contains helpful information for the media. Contact our media relations professionals when your assignment requires the latest cancer research information concerning diagnosis, treatment, or prevention.  

Media Inquiries

Jeremy Moore

Associate Director, Media Relations, Communications and Public Relations
Cell: 267-250-5441
Fax: 267-765-1002

Moore is responsible for the management and execution of media relations promotion surrounding the AACR’s meetings and eight peer-reviewed journals.

Lauren Riley
Coordinator, Communications and Public Relations
Fax: 215-446-7291

Riley is responsible for media relations promotion and support, conference newsroom logistics, writing and proofreading website and news release copy, as well as office support of the Communications and Public Relations Department staff.


Communications and Public Relations Leadership

Rick Buck
Senior Director, Communications and Public Relations
Fax: 267-825-9536

Buck leads the AACR’s Communications and Public Relations Department, including the organization's brand development and positioning, media relations and crisis communications, internal communications and employee engagement, and government relations communications and public relations.

Jeffrey L. Molter
Director, Communications and Public Relations
Cell: 267-210-3965
Fax: 267-765-1020

Molter develops, implements, and supervises public relations and communications strategies and tactics that support the mission and goals of the AACR. This includes increasing the public’s knowledge about the importance of cancer research and the AACR’s critical role in this endeavor.


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