American Association for Cancer Research

Collaborating Partners

The AACR develops its science policy and legislative advocacy positions by taking into consideration the wide variety of interests and concerns of its multidisciplinary membership. Depending upon the issue, the AACR may stand alone and take advocacy positions and actions in its own name or it may determine that its advocacy will be more effective when done in collaboration with other organizations who share similar goals.

Currently, the AACR is working in collaboration with the following organizations to convey the message of the urgency to fully fund cancer research to accelerate progress.

Ad Hoc Group for Medical Research

The AACR is a member of the Ad Hoc Group for Medical Research, a coalition in support of increased funding for the National Institutes of Health.

Alliance for a Stronger FDA

The Alliance for a Stronger FDA works to ensure that Congress provides annual appropriations that will adequately fund the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's essential missions, including the advancement of breakthrough cancer therapies to patients.

Association of American Cancer Institutes (AACI)

The AACR is a sustaining member of the AACI, which represents 89 of the nation's premier academic and free-standing cancer research centers. AACI provides a unified voice for cancer center directors to educate policy leaders and the public about the importance of cancer centers and the role they play in reducing the burden of cancer in their communities.

Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research (CAMR)

The AACR is a member of this broad coalition that has led the advocacy effort to preserve, protect, and expand the ability of (and funding for) U.S. scientists to engage in all forms of stem cell research for the benefit of patients.

Friends of AHRQ

The AACR is a member of Friends of AHRQ, a voluntary coalition of more than 250 organizations that support the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

Friends of Cancer Research (FOCR)

The AACR is a member of this coalition of cancer organizations and patient advocacy groups that focuses on appropriations, education, and interagency collaborations.

National Coalition for Cancer Research

The AACR is a member of this coalition of scientific and medical societies, patient advocacy groups, and other cancer-related organizations that educates the public about the importance of cancer research funding and conducts public education campaigns on the achievements and promise of the National Cancer Program.


The AACR is a member of NCCR, a companion advocacy organization of the National Coalition for Cancer Research whose mission is to educate public policy makers, legislators and their staff about the impact of specific legislative initiatives on cancer research. 

National Health Council (NHC)

The AACR is one of more than 100 national health-related organizations that make up the membership of the National Health Council. NHC brings together all segments of the health care community to provide a united voice for the more than 133 million people with chronic diseases and disabilities and their family caregivers.

One Voice Against Cancer (OVAC)

The AACR belongs to OVAC, a coalition of research and grassroots advocacy organizations that focuses on increasing federal funding for cancer research and prevention.

Partnership to Improve Patient Care (PIPC)

The AACR is a member of PIPC, a coalition of organizations working together to support proposals for comparative effectiveness research that are centered on patient and provider needs and better health care quality.

Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC)

The AACR joined the PMC in 2010. The coalition represents a broad spectrum of nearly 200 academic, industry, patient, provider and payer communities, united in the mission to advance the understanding and adoption of personalized medicine concepts and products for the benefit of patients.