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Learn more about clinical trials and drug development by reading articles published in the American Association for Cancer Research's CR magazine.

The Scientist and the Yew Tree
By Kyla Dunn
Molecular pharmacologist Susan Band Horwitz realized there was something special about a small molecule found in a tree's bark. Her work helped bring the drug Taxol to millions of cancer patients.

The Road After Approval
By Ingfei Chen
Learning about side effects of cancer drugs is an evolving science, which includes weighing drugs' risks and benefits, and monitoring for adverse reactions.

No Ordinary Life
By Jenny Song
Connie Mielich survived cancer four times but lost her right leg and a lung to osteosarcoma. Despite all she has endured, she has maintained a passion for life and helping others.

Taking Treatment Home
By Jessica Wapner
At-home cancer therapies are convenient, and becoming more common. Follow these tips to avoid common mistakes when taking your medicines at home.

From Mice to Men
By Sue Rochman
The scientific method can help you read between the lines when the media cover the latest cancer breakthrough.

One Woman's Trial
By Todd Dvorak
Facing a lung cancer diagnosis, Darlene Schwandke wasted no time in signing up for a clinical trial.

Under the Influence
By Hannah Hoag
An analysis of pharmaceutical-sponsored clinical trials raises questions about a potential conflict of interest.

Flawed Design
By Regina Nuzzo
Could flawed trial design kill promising therapies, while poor drug candidates gain continued investment?
Remission Impossible?
By Holly Lang
Pancreatic cancer survivor Howard Young is on a mission to help others with the disease.

The Drug Debate
By Jessica Gorman
Some patient advocates are pushing for broader access to investigational drugs. Others say the proposed changes could hurt patients and delay the clinical trial process.

Gleevec: The Sequel
By Ingfei Chen
When the wonder drug Gleevec doesn't work, a new generation of targeted therapies may step in.

Growth Factors: Jekyll and Hyde
By Sue Rochman
Proteins called growth factors contribute to cancer and to the development of therapies to treat it.

A Pioneer's Pursuit
By Erika Jonietz
Researcher Waun Ki Hong has spent his career searching for ways to prevent cancer and improve patient care.

Around and Round on Clinical Trials
Four cancer survivors discuss why they joined clinical trials and what almost stopped them.

Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs for Cancer
By Sarah L. Zielinski
New studies suggest that statins have no effect on reducing colorectal cancer risk.

Hormonal Impact
By Ingfei Chen
Researchers are testing breast cancer drugs against lung cancer.