American Association for Cancer Research

CR Magazine Podcasts

Listen to the American Association for Cancer Research's CR podcasts. The CR podcasts are a series of free, radio-style shows featuring cancer news and the people in the pages of CR magazine. Below are a selection of podcasts on clinical trials and drug development.

A New Approach to Clinical Trials
By Kevin Begos
A new trial aims to get breast cancer drugs approved faster.

The Tale of Taxol
By Kevin Begos
Susan Band Horwitz helped develop a cancer drug now used to treat millions of people with cancer.

From Scientist to Survivor
By Kevin Begos
A man who spent his career designing clinical trials becomes a trial participant.

A Survivor's Trial
By Kevin Begos
By joining a clinical trial, three-time osteosarcoma survivor Connie Mielich hopes to help others who have the same rare cancer.

Cancer Nanotechnology
By Kevin Begos
Tiny new devices and materials may help in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.