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Functional Oncogene Identification


Certain molecular changes or abnormalities are essential in order for cancer to develop and for tumors to survive. If those alterations can be identified through a process called molecular profiling, it may be possible to use existing drugs or develop new therapies that would target these changes and cause the tumor to die. Currently, not enough of these abnormalities are known or targeted correctly in the right cancer types. Weinstock uses a novel system that identifies molecular abnormalities that drive cancer causation and growth directly from patient tumors. This system will make the molecular profiling process faster, more efficient and more precise. His group has already identified an abnormality that is important in some cases of acute lymphocytic leukemia, a finding that could lead to changes in treatment within the next two years.


David M. Weinstock, M.D., assistant professor in the Department of Medicine at Harvard Medical School; assistant professor of medicine in the medical oncology service at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute


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Updated: Apr. 13, 2010