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General AACR Funding Information

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General AACR Funding Information

A hallmark of the AACR is the promotion and support of the highest quality cancer research. The AACR offers an outstanding array of support mechanisms for cancer researchers at various stages in their careers, from fellowships to career development awards to major grants for independent investigators.

Since establishing its grant program in 1993, the AACR has awarded more than $111 million to support 290 meritorious research projects.

Grant opportunities are listed on the AACR website as soon as funding becomes available.

Interested applicants can also view closed grant opportunities as an example of the types of funding that are typically available. 

Applicants are strongly encouraged to read the eligibility criteria carefully for each grant. Requirements of residency, citizenship, seniority and research area are specific to each award or grant. The majority of AACR grants are open to researchers all over the world, while some are limited to investigators conducting research in the U.S.

Funding Statistics

Types of Grants: 1993-2010

Annual Amount of Grants

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