American Association for Cancer Research

International Activities

Mission Statement

The International Affairs Committee of the AACR seeks to achieve the AACR’s goal of the prevention and cure of cancer by facilitating the acceleration of progress against cancer in all areas of the world.

  • To facilitate the dissemination and exchange of cancer research knowledge among the world’s cancer scientists;
  • To encourage collaborations among scientific communities in all countries;
  • To promote research and training across international borders to fulfill the present and future needs for young investigators in an increasingly global research community;
  • To promote a global dialogue of regional and international cancer issues;
  • To extend worldwide access to AACR programs and resources;
  • To facilitate and coordinate the incorporation of international research into the programs of the AACR;
  • To build and maintain associations with reciprocal member societies; and
  • To enhance public awareness of cancer research worldwide.
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