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Media Coverage

Sunday, April 2

Barbecue Meats Linked with Prostate Cancer -- Reuters/ABC News
Nicotine Patch, Gum May Undermine Chemo -- Associated Press (click to download PDF)

Monday, April 3

Racial Gap Seen in Chemo for Colon Cancer -- Reuters
Celebrex May Prevent Cancer But Raises Heart Risks -- (The Miami Herald/Associated Press)
Nicotine Supplements May Affect Cancer Therapy -- (MSNBC/Associated Press)
Race Not Only Cause of Varying Cancer Rate -- UPI
Eat the Meat, Bar the Char -- NPR
Nanodevice Size and Surface Change Studied -- UPI

Tuesday, April 4

'Sunshine Vitamin' May Ward off Breast Cancer -- Newsweek (see below for video from NBC's Nightly News)
Study: Cancer Cure Worth $50 Trillion -- UPI
Kin of Non-Smokers with Lung Cancer Seen at Risk -- ABC News/Reuters
Poverty, Genetics Linked to Cancer Risks in Blacks -- Fox News/WebMD
Study Finds Less Breast Cancer in COX-2 Users -- Reuters UK
Celebrex May Cut Risk of Precancerous Growth -- The Dallas Morning News (free sign up required)

Wednesday, April 5

Study: No Aspartame Cancer Link -- CBS News
Ginger An Ovarian Cancer Killer -- Forbes
Pitt Researchers Identify Markers That Could Test for Ovarian Cancer -- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Vegetable Compounds Combat Cancer -- Scientific American
Combo Therapy May Fight Aggressive Breast Cancer -- Healthscout/HealthDay News
Gene Test Spots Early Lung Cancers -- Fox News/WebMD

Additional Coverage:

Charred Meat Chemical May Lead to Prostate Cancer -- Science Daily
Scientists Seek Cancer's Early Warning Signs -- Healthday News
Stem Cells That Kill -- Time Magazine
Doctor Takes Office During Tough Times -- Newark Star
Polyp Stopper: Controversial drug may prevent colon growths -- Science News (subscription required)
Vitamin Beneficial in Treating Cancer -- Albuquerque Tribune/Associated Press
Nigerian Scientist Advances Cancer Research -- Vanguard
Increased Dietary Flavonoids May Reduce Ovarian Cancer Risk: Presented at AACR -- Doctor's Guide
Progress Seen in Prostate Cancer Genetic Tests -- MSNBC/Reuters
Chili, Broccoli Helps Prevent Cancer -- Pak Tribune
Cancer Advice: Eat Your Berries -- The Courier Journal
RNA Test Might Reveal Early Cancer, Offer Drug Target -- Science News (subscription required)
Hot-Pepper Ingredient Slows Cancer In Mice -- Science News (subscription required)
A Better Test for Lung Cancer -- Science News (subscription required)
Sunshine, Hot-peppers, Vitamin D vs. Cancer -- Baltimore Sun (click to download PDF)

Video Highlights (download Windows Media Player to view):

TODAY (Barbecued Meats) -- NBC
Nightly News (Vitamin D) -- NBC
LIVE AT 5 (Panitumumab, COX-2) -- WNBC
KCAL 9 News at 2 (Panitumumab and colorectal cancer) -- CBS
CNN Headline News (Nicotine Supplements and Lung Cancer) -- CNN
Squawk on the Street (COX-2 and Colorectal Cancer) -- CNBC