American Association for Cancer Research


Final Program

The Annual Meeting Final Program contains the dates, times, titles, speakers, locations, and descriptions for all presentations. The Final Program is available in three formats:

  • Online
    A searchable version of the Final Program can be accessed using the Online Proceedings.
  • Print
    Provided to all registrants in the Annual Meeting registration area.
  • PDFs
    Visit the Program webpage for downloadable versions of the Final Program.


The Proceedings of the AACR contains abstracts of all proffered papers accepted for presentation as well as the extended abstracts submitted by invited speakers. It is available in three formats:

  • Online
    The Online Proceedings is searchable (including all proffered abstracts) by author/speaker, title word, and keyword.
  • CD-ROM
    Annual Meeting attendees received the CD-ROM Proceedings in their meeting bags onsite.
  • Print
    A limited number of print copies of the Proceedings are available for $75. Please contact the AACR Program Development Department at for availability.

Education Book

The Education Book contains state-of-the-art overviews from speakers in the Educational Sessions, Methods Workshops, and Basic Science/Clinical Interface Sessions. It is available free online at

Highlights: Clinical and Translational Cancer Research at the AACR 100th Annual Meeting 2009

Meeting attendees received a special Pocket Calendar highlighting sessions of interest for clinical and translational investigators. In addition, the online and CD-ROM versions of the Proceedings enable users to obtain search results by abstract category, primary organ site, and research type (basic, translational, clinical).