American Association for Cancer Research


The Proceedings of the AACR contains abstracts of all proffered papers accepted for presentation as well as the extended abstracts submitted by invited speakers. Using the Online Program, Proceedings and Itinerary Planner, users can search all abstracts by author/speaker, title word and keyword. Annual Meeting registrants received a CD-ROM of the Proceedings onsite. Print copies were available by advance purchase only. After the Annual Meeting, remaining copies will be available for $75.


Because the Proceedings of the AACR is intended to represent a summary of all of the abstract presentations at the Annual Meeting, every abstract that was accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the AACR was required to be presented at the meeting. Specifically, the author listed as the presenter for an abstract submission had to attend the session in which the abstract was scheduled to discuss in detail the research outlined in the published abstract, according to the specific guidelines of the session.

If due to unforeseen circumstances the designated presenter was unavailable to attend the session to present the abstract, he or she had to contact the AACR Program Development Department to designate a co-author to serve as the presenter. If no authors were available to present the abstract, the presenter was required to withdraw the abstract immediately by contacting the AACR Program Development Department at (215) 440-9300 or

Failure to comply with these regulations pertaining to abstract presentation may result in actions including, but not limited to, the following:

  • The withdrawal of the abstract from the session
  • The removal of the abstract from the online Proceedings
  • The loss of future sponsorship privileges for the sponsor of the abstract
  • The loss of future abstract submission/authorship privileges for the presenter of the abstract