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Annual Meeting Webcast: Complete Scientific Sessions Available Online

On April 30, attendees who purchased the webcasts should receive an email with instructions and a personalized link to access the AACR Annual Meeting 2012 Webcasts.

Current Subscribers:
If you have already created an account to access previous AACR webcasts, you can use the unique URL (which you received in an April 30 email) to activate access to the AACR Annual Meeting 2012 webcasts. Use your login credentials for your existing account.

New Subscribers:
If you do not already have an account on, you will be asked to create one by entering a user name and password. Note: Your user name and password are not your MyAACR account information.

Webcasts Information:
Exclusive online streaming access to the audio and slides of scientific sessions presented at the AACR Annual Meeting 20121 includes:

  • Presentation slides synchronized with recorded audio presentations;
  • Speakers' mouse movements captured and included in playback;
  • Available on a PC and a Mac, the iPhone, iPad and Android devices with Adobe Flash player 10.1;
  • Presentations searchable by session title, presentation title and speaker name; and
  • Exclusive access to online content for 15 months after the Annual Meeting.

Visit the AACR webcasts portal to view free content from this and other AACR meetings.

1Participation in the AACR Annual Meeting Webcast is left to the discretion of each speaker. As a result, some presentations may not be available for webcast, and some webcast presentations may not include all slides. Access is granted via individual username and password.