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Previous Frontiers in Basic Cancer Research Conferences

© 2012 AACR/Todd Buchanan.  AACR Annual Meeting 2012, McCormick Place West Chicago, IL - New President Frank McCormick sessionThe Frontiers in Basic Cancer Research conference series was launched in 2009 to present the latest advances in basic cancer research. The conference is designed to be broad-based, with the goals of presenting the best in basic cancer research and giving early-career investigators the opportunity to interact with leaders in the field. Through this series, the AACR hopes to create synergies between the many subfields of basic cancer research, many of which are represented independently at other AACR conferences and meetings.

By having a broad-based conference on basic cancer research we will be appealing to a wide audience, which will create networking opportunities between researchers in specialized subfields that typically do not have the opportunity to interact. In order to make any advances in cancer research there must be open lines of communication between researchers in different specializations.