American Association for Cancer Research

Previous Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics Conferences


This conference is the thriving offspring of the original EORTC-NCI meetings on drug discovery and development, held biennially for more than two decades in Europe. The AACR partnership began in 1999, in response to the need for more frequent meetings to keep pace with the rapid advancement of molecular biology and genetics, and the consequent emergence of many new targets for cancer therapeutics. All three organizations state that the promotion of communication within the global scientific community is one of their key missions. Our collaboration ensures that new information is exchanged regularly, so that everyone in the field keeps current with the latest developments.

The conference alternates between European and U.S. locations each year. Participation in the U.S. conferences has grown steadily since the first gathering in 1999 in Washington, DC, where about 2,300 researchers assembled and 695 abstracts were presented. For information on previous U.S. conferences, please click the conference year on the left or contact the AACR office at (215) 440-9300 or For information on European conferences, please visit the European CanCer Organisation (ECCO) website or contact the ECCO office at +32 2 775 0201.