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Photo by ©GMG/Todd Buchanan 2009 Technical Questions:; Phone: 612-226-5154. Boston, MA - AACR MOTAR 2009 Boston: Poster Session at the 2009 American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Molecular Targets and Cancer Teraptics Symposium here today, Tuesday November 17, 2009. Over 3,000 Physicians, researchers and healthcare professionals from over 50 countries attended the meeting which features the latest research on molecular targets in cancer research, treatment and prevention.  AACR Special Conferences present unique opportunities to interact with the world’s leading experts and discuss the latest findings in rapidly developing areas of cancer research. Conferences are relatively small (150-400 attendees) to allow ample time for discussion and networking. The formal and informal discussions at these conferences lead to new collaborations among investigators around the world and major advances in knowledge.

AACR Special Conferences focus on emerging areas of cancer research each year with the typical program lasting two to four days. Recent programs have focused on cancer epigenetics, molecular epidemiology, EMT, protein translation, and cell death mechanisms. A recurring series of Special Conferences focuses on the basic, clinical, and translational aspects of various cancers, including breast, prostate, lung, and colon cancer. Programs typically feature several plenary sessions, one or two keynote talks from thought leaders in the field, and one or two poster sessions and social events for networking.

Please visit the AACR Meetings & Workshops Calendar for a complete list of upcoming programs.

    Comments from recent Special Conferences:

  • It was a really good conference, very focused, relevant topics to the field, and the most important was that presenters showed unpublished data so it made it interesting. - Tumor Invasion and Metastasis, 2013
  • This was an extremely well-organized conference with tremendous value to me as a molecular epidemiologist. The speakers and the topics covered were excellent. The scheduling was also very good with enough time in between sessions to catch a breath and/or network. - AACR/MEG Conference on Post-GWAS Horizons in Molecular Epidemiology: Digging Deeper into the Environment, 2012
  • The presentations from invited speakers gave me valuable insight into the current focus of prostate cancer research and helped guide my choice of future research projects. In addition, the poster sessions were great in facilitating interaction between my peers and senior researchers and helped answer questions being addressed in my current research project. - Advances in Prostate Cancer Research, 2012