American Association for Cancer Research

Tumor Immunology: Basic and Clinical Advances

November 30-
December 3, 2010
Eden Roc Renaissance Beach Resort and Spa
Miami Beach, Florida

This conference was presented in conjunction with the Cancer Immunology Working Group of the AACR.

Tumor Immunology: Basic and Clinical Advances 2010

Olivera J. Finn, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA
Dmitry I. Gabrilovich, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, Tampa, FL
Elizabeth M. Jaffee, Johns Hopkins Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, Baltimore, MD

This was the third conference of this tumor immunology series. A hallmark of this conference is that it integrates several subdisciplines and focuses on cancer immunology as a whole. Over 250 researchers attended the conference which featured a series of plenary and poster sessions, as well as a workshop that featured a series of short-talks from proffered papers, and keynote talks from Dr. David Baltimore of the California Institute of Technology and Dr. Robert A. Weinberg of the MIT Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research.

Sessions topics included Antibodies in Cancer Immunity, Combined Therapy, Epigenetic Regulation of Tumor Growth and Immune Recognition, Harnessing the Immune System to Prevent and Fight Disease, New Advances in the Development of Cancer Vaccines, Premalignant Lesions and Prevention, and Regulation of Immune Responses in Cancer: A Translational Paradigm.

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