American Association for Cancer Research

Undergraduate Poster Competition Guidelines


Full-time undergraduate students at an accredited institution and post baccalaureates are invited to submit an abstract for poster presentation during the Undergraduate Student Poster Competition, taking place during the AACR Annual Meeting.

Abstracts already selected for presentation during the AACR Annual Meeting's general poster sessions are eligible for presentation during this special session, but you must submit your abstract using the process below.


All eligible students wishing to compete in this poster session must complete and submit:

  • Advance Registration Form to
  • copy of their abstract at myAACR
    (log on to myAACR at If you do not have a myAACR account you will need to create an account. Once logged on, navigate to the Abstracts tab to select this event and submit an abstract).

Acknowledgement of receipt of the registration form and abstract will be sent to all students, and these emails confirm your participation in the session and poster competition. We are happy to accept most if not all student abstracts for this competition, and will alert you if for some reason your abstract does not qualify.

Abstract Guidelines

  • Abstract should be on the subject of cancer or cancer-related biomedical science
  • Abstract clearly states the purpose/objective/hypothesis of the research
  • Abstract demonstrates originality and innovation
  • Methods and materials are clearly explained
  • Research and experimental results support the conclusion and/or expected results
  • Abstract is written clearly and concisely

Poster Guidelines

  • A printed poster with graphics produced using page layout software will greatly increase the effectiveness of your presentation.
  • Tables and illustrations should be kept relatively simple to maximize legibility. They should be arranged in the sequence in which they will be viewed.
  • Symbols, letters, and numbers should be large enough to be seen from a distance of six feet. Lines in illustrations should be heavy. 
  • Contrast between lettering and background is very important. Consider a white background for text to enhance the legibility of the data.
  • The poster board assigned to each presenter has an area of 8 feet in width and 4 feet in height (approx. 2.3 meters X 1.1 meters).
  • In planning the utilization of space on your poster board, you are advised to use the space at eye level. The top section of the poster board will be at eye level for the great majority of viewers and is, therefore, the best location for text.
  • Properly sized charts and diagrams will still be easy to read in the middle of the poster board.
  • The space at the very bottom of the poster board should be used for relatively unimportant material.
  • Each presentation should contain a top panel listing the title of the abstract and the names and institutional affiliations of the authors.
  • Pushpins, tape, and poster numbers will be available at the session.

Presentation Guidelines

  • Make every effort to communicate with all interested visitors and judges.
  • Be prepared to repeat your key findings succinctly, as many times as necessary, and to present the data in a different order and/or degree of completeness to each listener.

Presenter Recognition

  • First, second, and third place winners will receive the AACR-Gary J. Miller Prizes for Cancer and Cancer-Related Biomedical Research, consisting of a ribbon, certificate, and monetary prize. 
  • The top ten poster presenters will receive Meritorious Award certificates and prizes.
  • All poster presenters will receive a letter of thanks for their participation.