American Association for Cancer Research

Eighth Annual Undergraduate Student Caucus and Poster Competition

Saturday, April 6, 2013
10:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C.

networkingEach year at the AACR Annual Meeting, the Undergraduate Student Caucus and Poster Competition brings together undergraduate students at all levels and post baccalaureate students to explore educational and career pathways in cancer research, present their own research, and compete for prizes. We thank all our student participants, poster presenters and volunteer judges for making the 2013 session such a resounding success!

2013 Student participants enjoyed:

  • A panel discussion led by young scientific investigators ranging from graduate students to postdocs, who addressed issues related to scientific research and career development;
  • A keynote address from a prominent cancer researcher, who inspired students to consider a career in cancer research;
  • A competitive poster session that awarded first, second, and third place prizes for outstanding student research; and
  • Access to all AACR Annual Meeting scientific sessions, posters, exhibits and much more!

We congratulate the 2013 winners of the AACR-Gary J. Miller Undergraduate Student Prizes for Cancer and Cancer-Related Biomedical Research:

First Place: $1,500
toward attendance at the AACR Annual Meeting 2014, San Diego, CA

Moustafa Abdalla
University of Toronto
“Characterization of the MSI2 gene on 17q22-24.2 and its role in Breast Cancer”

Second Place: $300

top fiveJohn Robinson
University of South Florida
“Effects of anti-PD-1 and anti-4-1BB antibody treatment on melanoma-specific T cells in a murine model of melanoma”

Ronald Siebenaler
Ohio State University
“Evaluation of a combination of epigenetic modifying agents in MLL-PTD acute myeloid leukemia (AML)”

Third Place: $200

Alex Hartlage
Ohio State University
“Phosphatase and Tensin Homologue Deleted on Chromosome Ten (PTEN) Negatively Regulates Natural Killer Cell Function Against Leukemic Target Cells in a Transgenic Mouse Model”

Raj Singh
Duke University
“Pre-Clinical Evaluation of BMS-754807, a IGF-1R inhibitor, in a genetically engineered DIPG mouse model”

Congratulations to the Top Ten Meritorious Honor Awardees:

meritorious honorsAnna Cheng
Jean Clement
Gong He
Paul Kurywchak
Siddhant Parihar
Andrea Rivera
Shakir Saud
Alexandria Saunders
Elliot Stein
Isabella Taylor

We thank the following exceptional speakers for their participation 

10:30 AM–10:50 AM


10:50 AM–11:00 AM

Kathleen W. Scotto, Ph.D.
UMDNJ-The Cancer Institute of New Jersey, Newark, NJ

11:00 AM–11:20 AM

“Controlling Cancer through Research”
Donald S. Coffey, Ph.D.
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD

11:20 AM–11:35 AM

“Navigating the AACR Annual Meeting”
Jose Baselga, M.D., Ph.D.
Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

11:35 AM–11:45 AM

Remarks from Lead Judge and Introduction of Judges
Beverly D. Lyn-Cook, Ph.D.
FDA-National Center for Toxicological Research, Jefferson, AR

11:45 AM–1:15 PM

Poster Session and Exhibits

1:15 PM–1:30 PM

Break and Lunch Served

1:30 PM–2:45 PM

Panel Discussion and Q&A

Arti P. Varanasi, Ph.D., Advancing Synergy, LLC, Baltimore, MD

Vanessa Pineros, B.A., University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Ernest Amankwa, Ph.D., H. Lee Mofitt Cancer Ctr. & Res. Inst., Tampa, FL
Aaron N. Hata, M.D., Ph.D., Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA

2:45 PM–2:50 PM

Remarks from 2011 First Place Miller Prize Winner
Benjamin Dulken
Stanford University, Stanford, CA

2:50 PM–3:25 PM

Prize Distribution

3:25 PM–3:30 PM

Wrap-Up and Evaluation

For those who are interested in attending next year's program, registration materials will be available starting in December 2013. Or, email for more information.

Mentoring Opportunities
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