American Association for Cancer Research

Landon Prizes for Basic and Translational Cancer Research

Kirk A. Landon-AACR Prize for Basic Cancer Research

 Dr. Peter A. Jones & Stephen B. Baylin receiving Awards


2009 Prize Co-Recipients


Peter A. Jones, Ph.D., D.Sc.
Director, USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center
Distinguished Professor of Urology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA

Stephen B. Baylin, M.D.
Deputy Director, Oncology Center The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at John Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD

Dr. Peter A. Jones (center left) delivered his Prize lecture entitled, "The Nucleosome: The Epicenter of the Epigenome," followed by Dr. Stephen B. Baylin's (far right) Prize lecture entitled, "Cancer Epigenetics - Disrupting The Dance Between DNA Packaging and Cell Fate," at the AACR 100th AACR Annual Meeting 2009 in Denver, CO.

They received their Prizes from Ms. Nance Guilmartin (center right), Board member of the Landon Foundation, and Dr. Thea D. Tlsty (far left), Chairperson of the Selection Committee.


  • Learn more about the 2009 Recipients, Drs. Peter A. Jones and Stephen B. Baylin.
  • The webcast of the lecture of Dr. Jones may be accessed here.
  • The webcast of Dr. Baylin's lecture may be accessed here.

Dorothy P. Landon-AACR Prize for Translational Cancer Research

 Dr. Sawyers receiving Award

2009 Prize Recipient


Charles L. Sawyers, M.D.
Chairperson, Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
New York, NY
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Dr. Charles L. Sawyers (center) delivered his Award lecture entitled, "New Insights from old Cancer Targets: Kinases and Nuclear Receptors," at the AACR 100th Annual Meeting 2009 in Denver, CO. He received the Prize from Ms. Nance Guilmartin (right), Board member of the Landon Foundation, and Dr. Margaret A. Shipp (left), Chairperson of the Selection Committee.

  • Learn more about the 2009 Recipient, Dr. Charles L. Sawyers.
  • The webcast of the Prize lecture may be accessed here.  
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The Prizes

These two major international Prizes were first presented in 2002 to heighten the attention of scientists and members of the general public to landmark scientific achievements in the continuing effort to prevent and cure cancer; to recognize and reward cancer scientists for these extraordinary accomplishments; and to stimulate the development of new thinking and novel concepts in both basic and translational research through the presentation of exciting scientific lectures by the Prize winners, thus inspiring other cancer researchers to uncover the mysteries of this complex disease.

Each Prize consists of US$100,000, including a $15,000 honorarium and an $85,000 grant for direct research expenses, which may be designated for the salary and benefits of postdoctoral fellows.

Prize Criteria

  • The Prizes are awarded to outstanding scientists who have made seminal cancer research discoveries at the cutting edge of scientific novelty and significance. Such discoveries must have accelerated progress against cancer and must have implications for future discoveries and contributions to cancer research.
  • The Prizes are intended to honor an individual scientist for his or her research; however, in extraordinary circumstances, two individuals may be selected to share either of these Prizes when their research is closely related in subject matter and has resulted in prizeworthy work.

The Kirk A. & Dorothy P. Landon Foundation

landons.jpgThe Kirk A. and Dorothy P. Landon Foundation was created through a bequest from Mrs. Dorothy P. Landon whose intent, along with that of her late husband, Kirk A. Landon, was to dedicate a major portion of their estate to medical research, especially research related to cancer. Mr. R. Kirk Landon, son of Kirk A. Landon, serves as the President of the Foundation. The Foundation seeks to accomplish its cancer research mission through a variety of programs and initiatives through its partnership with the AACR.