American Association for Cancer Research

Cancer Immunology Working Group (CIMM)


The Cancer Immunology Working Group (CIMM) seeks to provide a forum for immunologists and non-immunoligists alike to meet, exchange knowledge and ideas, and discuss the present status and future promise of this important discipline. 

Why Join CIMM

  • to promote the pivotal role of immunology in cancer research
  • to incorporate immunology-related science into AACR programs, thereby advancing AACR’s role in this field
  • to disseminate developments in cancer immunology to the scientific community
  • to highlight the role of immunotherapy in cancer research
  • to facilitate translation of concepts to the clinic

How to Join CIMM

  • annually, by selecting CIMM on your AACR dues invoice; no extra charge
  • anytime, by completing the Working Group Membership Form and selecting CIMM


Fax: (215) 440-9322