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The CICR newsletter is published by the CICR Working Group in conjunction with the AACR. The newsletter provides timely highlights of chemistry and chemistry-related research, career information, conference summaries and notices, and other relevant issues to the cancer research and chemistry in cancer research communities.

The editors hope you find it enlightening and useful. 

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CICR Editorial Board (2014-2016)

Billy W. Day, Ph.D., Co-Chairperson

Klaus Pors, Ph.D., Co-Chairperson

Zoe Cournia, Dr.Rer.Nat.

Songon An, Ph.D.

Sharon Pitteri, Ph.D.

Jonel P. Saludes, Ph.D.

Basar Bilgicer, Ph.D.

Christopher Van, Ph.D.

Jinhui Zhang, Ph.D.