American Association for Cancer Research

MEG InformZ


The MEG InformZ system provides a means for communication for the members of the MEG Working Group as a community. InformZ is like a mailing list, any member of MEG can send a message, which will be sent to the entire Working Group. A special header identifies messages as originating from MEG InformZ.

Examples of content that can be posted include: announcements, non-commercial job opportunities, eliciting opinions on topics of interest, drawing attention to important new publications and asking technical questions about sampling methods and assays.

It is not obligatory to be part of MEG InformZ; members may 'opt-out' upon receipt of the first message. Members may also 're-subscribe' after 'opting-out' by sending a request via email to

MEG InformZ Rules

  • Only members of MEG may participate.
  • Post a message by sending it via email to
  • Messages sent to this address will be sent to the entire list of MEG InformZ members; please do not post personal messages through InformZ.
  • If you receive error messages or are having technical difficulties with the listserv, please send a message via email to
  • Messages are moderated for inappropriate material. If you have any questions about what constitutes appropriate content for the listserv, please send an email to