American Association for Cancer Research

About the Survivor and Patient Advocacy Program

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Building upon the AACR's longstanding commitment to fostering partnerships with survivor advocates—and to fulfill its goal of significantly expanding these relationships—the association established the department of Survivor and Patient Advocacy in November 2004. This program is the first stand-alone department devoted to promoting these partnerships in a cancer research organization.

Our Mission

The AACR's Survivor and Patient Advocacy Program is dedicated to fostering mutually beneficial and enduring partnerships among leaders of the cancer survivor, patient advocacy and scientific communities.SSP 2010 in Washington, D.C.

 By strengthening communications and developing collaborations among these key constituencies, the program enhances efforts to accelerate progress against cancer. To advance the prevention and cure of the disease, it is critical that advocates and scientists work together to increase funding for cancer research, further participation in clinical trials, improve clinical trial design, and facilitate access to cancer information for the general public. The AACR's department of Survivor and Patient Advocacy strengthens and supports these synergistic collaborations. We work to unify these constituencies around common goals and transcend disciplinary boundaries.

Contact us at or 1-215-446-7104.



Nov. 8, 2011