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Support and Advocacy Groups

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If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, advocacy and support groups can help you navigate the medical jargon, therapy choices and emotional challenges of cancer survivorship. Many of these groups also advocate for patients by lobbying for federal research funding, raising awareness about early detection, and sharing the patient perspective with cancer researchers.

The groups listed here provide a variety of services and materials specially designed for newly diagnosed and long-term cancer survivors, as well as information for their families and friends, patient advocates, medical professionals and cancer researchers. The organizations' services include telephone hotlines, newsletters, information about clinical trials and treatment options, as well as financial advice.

We're expanding these lists on an ongoing basis, so check back regularly for additional resources. If you know of a group that we should consider including in this resource section, please e-mail us at

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For more information on how to find or join a support group, please read the article How to Find a Support Group.