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Support and Advocacy Groups: Lung Cancer

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American Lung Association
1-800-LUNGUSA (1-800-586-4872)
1301 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20004

The American Lung Association is a national organization dedicated to the prevention of lung diseases. The association provides educational materials on lung health, treatment decisions and research, including information related to lung cancer. It also provides smoking cessation support programs and information on the dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke. The American Lung Association advocates for anti-smoking laws and for tougher penalties for tobacco companies. The association has affiliate branches nationwide and operates a toll-free information hotline.


LUNGevity Foundation
435 N. LaSalle Street, Suite 310

Chicago, IL 60654

LUNGevity Foundation is a funder of lung cancer research with a world-renowned scientific advisory board, and the largest grassroots and lung cancer support networks. These networks offer 24-hour, peer-to-peer support both online and through a phone buddy program, education and help understanding specific lung cancer medical issues from medical experts, and an awareness-raising advocacy program. The mission of LUNGevity Foundation is to have a meaningful impact on improving lung cancer survival rates by funding innovative research into early detection and more effective treatments, ensure a higher quality of life for lung cancer patients, and provide a community for those impacted by lung cancer. 

Lung Cancer Alliance
1-800-298-2436 (U.S. only)
888 16th St, NW, Suite 150
Washington, DC 20006

The Lung Cancer Alliance advocates on behalf of lung cancer patients, survivors, families and caregivers. It provides information on clinical trials, treatment options and patient advocacy. Its programs also include a peer-to-peer support network and toll-free information and referral services for people with lung cancer and their caregivers.


Mesothelioma Guide
6121 S Orange Ave, Suite #1450
Orlando FL 32801 is a trusted ally in the fight against mesothelioma. Our mission is to guide mesothelioma patients and their loved ones toward answers, information, and healthcare solutions. All of our information has been thoroughly researched and is meant to provide comfort, knowledge, understanding, and solutions to this rare disease. is an extensive database of information and resources for patients and their families to better understand the symptoms of mesothelioma and the various aspects of diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and many other factors of survival. With this information comes hope and progress, and patients, their families and the general public can continue their growth in knowledge and awareness, and through that this disease may be combated.


Mesothelioma Web

Mesothelioma Web is a website committed to the needs of patients diagnosed with mesothelioma. The site provides answers to commonly asked questions, as well as resources pertaining to treatment options, clinical trials and choosing a doctor. The website has a section devoted to veterans, who are at high risk for contracting mesothelioma. Free information packets detailing the material listed on the site may also be ordered.


National Lung Cancer Partnership
222 North Midvale Blvd., Suite 6
Madison, WI 53705

The National Lung Cancer Partnership works to increase awareness about lung cancer and raise funds for treatment. The organization provides information for lung cancer patients and maintains a calendar of lung cancer events across the country.
2317 North Wickham Road
Melbourne, FL 32935 is one of the leading resources on the web for material on pleural mesothelioma. The site contains information on the disease, including causes, symptoms, prognosis, coping and more. Details can also be found on treatment options, asbestos exposure and legal options. A free informational packet may be requested by visiting the site.


Uniting Against Lung Cancer
27 Union Square West, Suite 304
New York, NY 10003

Uniting Against Lung Cancer, formerly known as the Joan's Legacy, aims to raise awareness about lung cancer and the importance of research. The organization's Joanie Award recognizes journalists who focus on the problem of lung cancer and the foundation also raises money to provide research grants. The Uniting Against Cancer website offers statistics and other information about lung cancer and a list of patient resources.

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September 13, 2013