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Clinical Trials Awareness Campaign

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The AACR's Clinical Trials Awareness Campaign

In summer 2008, the AACR helped launch a clinical trials awareness campaign to increase knowledge of treatment options and help research move forward to more quickly benefit patients.
While clinical trials remain the only way to effectively test potential new medications in people, fewer than 5 percent of adult cancer patients participate. However, 75 percent say they would be willing to enroll if they knew clinical trials were available to them. The AACR strives to increase the public's awareness of this resource.

Patient Stories: Real experience with clinical trials

No Ordinary Life
Connie Mielich survived cancer four times but lost her right leg and a lung to osteosarcoma. Despite all she has endured, she has maintained a passion for her life and for helping others.

The Pathway to Better Care
Tania Stutman, given one year to live, searched for a clinical trial. Throughout the last half-century, clinical trials have helped turn laboratory hypotheses into cancer treatment.

One Woman's Trial
Facing a lung cancer diagnosis, Darlene Schwandke wasted no time in signing up for a clinical trial.

Around and Round on Clinical Trials
Four cancer survivors discuss why they joined clinical trials and what almost stopped them from participating.

Remission Impossible?
Pancreatic cancer survivor Howard Young is on a mission to help others with the disease.

CR Podcasts

A Survivor's Trial
Connie Mielich has survived osteosarcoma, a rare pediatric bone cancer, three times. After her most recent recurrence, Mielich decided to enroll in a clinical trial in the hope that her efforts might help others who face the same disease.

Finding a Clinical Trial

Learn more about getting involved in a clinical trial.



Sept. 9, 2010