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Advocates on Advocacy

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Want to know how you can help a cancer survivor? Push for more cancer research? Start a support group? Whether you're an experienced patient advocate or looking for ways to get started, look here for advice from other patient advocates.

Mary Kay Dauria reflects on the knowldge she acquired during the 2013 AACR Annual Meeting and how she will use this knowldge in her future advocacy plans.

Advocate Q&A: Tackling a Rare Cancer
Cancer survivor Josh Sommer turned his rare cancer diagnosis into a research advocacy organization. (From CR magazine)

Advocate Q&A: Speaking Out About Oral Cancer
Survivor and research advocate Jeanette Ferguson is raising awareness about head and neck cancer. (From CR magazine)

Advocate Q&A: Support for Young Adult Survivors
An advocate helps young brain tumor survivors cope with the challenges of life after treatment. (From CR magazine)

Advocate Q&A: Advocacy in Ireland
An Irish breast cancer survivor talks to CR about patient advocacy in the Emerald Isle. (From CR magazine) 

Advocacy Action—Speaking Out for Others When Survivors Can’t Do It Themselves
Advocates can speak up on behalf of cancers with poor survival rates.  (From CR magazine)

Advocacy Action — Building a successful collaboration
Collaborating with groups that share your goals is a great way to connect with a larger audience. (From CR magazine)

Advocacy Action—Raising Awareness About Cancer in the LGBT Community
Help eliminate health disparities in the LGBT community. (From CR magazine) 

Advocacy Action—Raising Money for Childhood Cancer Research
Turn your hobbies into fundraisers for pediatric cancer research. (From CR magazine) 

Advocacy Action—Reaching Out to Minority Men
Here are some steps on how to reach out to men in underserved communities. (From CR magazine) 

Advocacy Action—Volunteering as a Telephone Counselor
Here are some steps for becoming a hotline volunteer. (From CR magazine)

Advocacy Action—Participating as a Research Advocate
Here's how to represent patients in the research process. (From CR magazine)

Advocacy Action—Being a Better Patient Advocate
Here's how to represent patients and improve their care. (From CR magazine)

Advocacy Action—Serving Minority Communities
Here are seven steps to develop a positive and productive partnership. (From CR magazine) 

Advocacy Action—Getting Into Volunteering
Here’s how you can find an organization that fits you. (From CR magazine)

Advocacy Action—Starting a Patient Advocacy Organization
Want to create a patient advocacy organization? Look here to get started. (From CR magazine)

Advocacy Action—Launching a Support Group
Here are 10 steps for creating your own support group. (From CR magazine)

Advocacy Action—Strength in Numbers

Learn how to lobby legislators and raise awareness for cancer research funding. (From CR magazine) 



Oct. 18, 2010