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What Causes Good Cells to Go Bad?

A talk by Dr. Michael A. Caligiuri

Michael Caligiuri Michael A. Caligiuri, MD, is a medical scientist who has conducted extensive research in leukemia, lymphoma and immunology. A professor of medicine, he is the director of the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center and the deputy director of the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute, all in Columbus.

At the ScientistSurvivor Educational Workshop, a part of the AACR’s ScientistSurvivor Program, Caligiuri spoke to a group of patient advocates about the fundamentals of cancer biology.

Caligiuri's lecture is presented here, in an adapted form, edited for the Survivors and Advocates website.


Please click on the links in the outline below to read Caligiuri's talk:

1— What is Cancer?

2— How Cancer Begins

3— Cancers are Genetic Mutations

4— Not All Cancers are the Same

5— The Six Hallmarks of Cancer

6— A Genetic Disease

7— The Cell Cycle, Oncogenes, and Tumor-Suppressor Genes

8— Somatic and Germ-Line Mutations



July 23, 2007