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The Tumor Microenvironment

How Do the Normal Cells Surrounding a Tumor Affect a Cancer's Growth?

A talk by Dr. Lynn Matrisian

matrisianLynn Matrisian, PhD, is a professor of cancer biology at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, Tenn. Her research focuses on the tumor microenvironment and the molecular mechanisms that underlie cancer development, growth and metastasis. Matrisian is a former president of the American Association for Cancer Research.

In June 2005, as part of the AACR’s ScientistSurvivor Workshop, Matrisian spoke to a group of survivors and patient advocates about the clinical significance of researching the tumor microenvironment. In her talk, Matrisian discussed the role that cells around a tumor play in the development of cancer and how understanding a tumor’s microenvironment can help researchers fight the disease. Matrisian’s lecture is presented here, in an adapted form, edited for the Survivors and Advocates website.

Please click on the links in the outline below to read Matrisian's talk:

1—The Tumor and its Microenvironment: How they communicate, and why it’s important

2Invasion: The three steps required for a tumor to become invasive and metastasize

3The Microenvironment and the Role that its Cells Play in Cancer

4Using Our Knowledge of the Microenvironment to Fight Cancer

June 25, 2007