American Association for Cancer Research

How to Navigate a Scientific Meeting

Before the Meeting

In order to have a productive experience, it is important to do some preparation before you get to the conference: 

Do your homeworkThe Glossary of Terms on the Survivor & Advocates website portal will help you understand some of the language you will hear during the presentations.

Plan your schedule—First, look at sessions about the cancer you focus on, then other more general categories you might be interested in, such as prevention, genomics, tumor biology, etc. You may use the Annual Meeting online scheduling tool on the AACR website. This will be just a preliminary schedule. I recommend taking time at the end of every day to plan for the next day.

Pack your essentials—your most comfortable shoes, business cards, note-taking tools. You will get a tote bag at the meeting, but be sure to bring any special bag you might need (roller, backpack, etc.). You will have it with you all day, every day, so it should be easy for you to carry.


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