American Association for Cancer Research

How to Navigate a Scientific Meeting

After the Meeting

Part of the value of your conference experience is the opportunity to share what you’ve learned. Whether you are posting on a blog, publishing an article, or giving a speech, it is helpful to ask yourself these questions:

How can I explain this in lay language?

Other advocates and mentors can be an excellent source of help with this. 

How will this information help survivors, caregivers, patients and their families?

Giving them an insight into current and future science can help them understand what to expect in their future and how they might participate in clinical trials

Your experience at a scientific meeting can influence your future advocacy in many ways. You not only gain a larger perspective of the latest research and trends, you have also expanded your network of like-minded experts and advocates. Conferences can re-energize and encourage you in our continued battle to eliminate cancer once and for all.

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