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How to Navigate a Scientific Meeting


Attending a scientific meeting is a great opportunity for any patient advocate. Since 1907, the AACR has been holding educational meetings for its members. In 2012, more than 17,000 researchers from all over the world gathered at the AACR Annual Meeting 2012 to share their latest findings. As an advocate, it can be overwhelming to be part of such a large, learned group. Believe me when I say that your presence at these meetings is every bit as important to the work against cancer as theirs. You can give feedback on a drug or treatment, ask relevant and critical questions, and, most importantly, share your story. 

This article will discuss preparing for a scientific meeting, what to expect when you get there, AACR’s Survivor and Patient Advocacy tools and resources, and how to share what you’ve learned.

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  1. Before the Meeting
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  3. AACR's Scientist↔Survivor Program (SSP)
  4. After the Meeting

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