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Social Media as a Power Tool for Advocates

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There are several tools available that help amplify your message. Select the best tool for the job. Use as many avenues as possible to engage the widest audience. Although the focus of this article is on just three methods, there are other platforms and that list continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Facebook is a good place to post a note or a link to a blog or a news article. It allows for focused conversation on a specific topic in one place. It also enables sharing. It’s an ongoing conversation that can continue for however long the topic is relevant or still of interest. Readers turn to Facebook and may join a conversation at their convenience.

Twitter, in my opinion, is the single most effective tool to share a message with the greatest number of people. Each message, known as a tweet, is restricted to just 140 characters — and yes, even spaces count. It can be challenging, but it’s a great lesson in the effective use of language. The ability to send short bursts of information into cyberspace in real time is rapidly positioning Twitter as the go-to venue when news is breaking. 

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