​Survivorship and Advocacy Alerts

You Can Raise Awareness About Survivorship

Share your cancer survivorship journey for National Cancer Survivor Month. Take a selfie and tell us how you celebrate survivorship. Tag the AACR and use the hashtags #SurvivorsAdvocate and #CelebrateSurvivorship. You can also add a frame to your existing Facebook profile picture and encourage your Facebook friends to do the same.

Be Inspired by Others

Survivors turned advocates have increased awareness with their own battle with cancer. Read "The Bridge Builder" in Cancer Today where breast cancer survivor, Bob Riter, offers connections and support to those affected by cancer. Watch a video about how Karen Eubanks Jackson started increasing awareness of breast cancer after her diagnosis.

Test Your Knowledge on the Science of Survivorship

Take the survivorship one-minute quiz to learn about the latest in cancer research. Share your answers and challenge others to take the quiz!

Celebrate Survivorship Research

Apply to the Scientist↔Surivor Program (SSP) to learn about the latest in cancer research and interact with scientists, doctors, health professionals, and other advocates. Listen to the congressional briefing about the latest e-cigarette usage trends, regulatory efforts to curb use in youth and young adults, and current scientific data regarding the from e-cigarettes.

Living Through the Challenges

Gary Lambert, featured in Cancer Today, works to stay positive despite a multiple myeloma diagnosis, grueling treatments and a relapse. As a father with glioblastoma, Adam Hayden has been coping with his disease, its treatment, research advocacy, and parenting. Despite facing challenges, both men continue to live their best life.

Let's End HPV-Related Cancers

The elimination of cervical cancer—and ultimately all HPV-related cancers—is within reach. However, this goal requires a strong commitment from various stakeholders in the U.S. and around the world. Hear from speakers about current interventions against HPV-related cancers and what needs to be done to achieve elimination.

You Can Contact Congress

Your voice matters. Share your concerns about funding, clinical trials barriers, and better treatments with your member of Congress. Reach out to your representative to make cancer research and survivorship research a national priority.