Love Army of Women

The Love Army of Women is a program of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, in collaboration with the AACR and the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC). Together our goal is to accelerate breast cancer research by linking researchers with dedicated volunteers who are willing to donate time, biospecimens and data.

The AACR, as a leader in cancer research, is providing the scientific oversight necessary to sustain this initiative. In addition to a position on the Army of Women Steering Committee, the AACR is represented by six scientists on the Scientific Advisory Committee, which ensures that the rigorous review and oversight process meets high standards of scientific excellence.

How does the Army of Women work?

  • Researchers submit their peer-reviewed projects* to the Army of Women Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), which is responsible for selecting the studies accepted for participation. Multiple studies from the same principal investigator can be submitted for consideration.

  • After review and approval of the research project, an email is sent out to all Army of Women members. The email describes the IRB-approved project, eligibility requirements, and the elements of participation.

  • As volunteers respond, they undergo a secondary eligibility screen. The Army of Women staff will then forward a list of eligible subjects to the research team in order to proceed with the consenting process. Where appropriate, the Army of Women coordinates the tissue collection process with an Army of Women center, where volunteers can go to give the blood, urine, breast fluid, or breast tissue samples required for the project.

  • In order to enhance the partnership between women and researchers, every scientist recruiting from the Army of Women participates in a webcast or a blog explaining the research projects and, later, the findings.

*Scientists applying for grant funding may request a letter of support, project budget, and Army of Women materials for inclusion in their proposals. Once the peer-reviewed proposal is funded, scientists must submit a secondary application, which follows the steps described above.

What type of research studies can utilize the Army of Women?

  • Translational or clinical studies requiring blood, urine, breast fluid, or breast tissue samples
  • Epidemiological studies
  • Prevention studies

How Do I Get Involved?

Learn more about the Army of Women or submit your research project.

Have questions? Call the Army of Women at 866-569-0388 or email: